"Popcorn Colonel" Needed!!

The Pack Committee met on 8/14 to discuss the 2018-2019 plans. We reviewed the upcoming year’s schedule and will share that soon, the biggest item of the night was fundraising. At this time, we still have no volunteers to run popcorn sales this year! 

Why YOU should be the popcorn chair:

  • The popcorn sale only lasts a couple months!
  • The Pack's activities do not come free, or even cheap for that matter.  
  • Last year's expenses amounted to approximately $11,000 - all funded from Popcorn sales.  
  • Dividing among 50 scouts, that comes to $220 worth of expenses per child
    • That is in addition to the $60 registration fee required by the district.  
  • The Pack does not wish to ask each family for money for books, awards, outings, room rentals, fees, etc. that the Pack incurs. 
  • Selling popcorn provides the children valuable lessons
    • The opportunity to earn their benefits of scouting. 
    • They get to work on their sales skills, which they wouldn't ordinarily get to practice! 
  • And popcorn sales also make scouting available to more people who might not be able to afford all of the very unique opportunities Cub Scouts provides.

The Pack really needs someone to step up into this role.  We have every resource needed to do the job, but no one to do it at this point.  The committee members have agreed to provide as much assistance as possible to the person or persons who volunteer for this role.

Joining the Pack Committee as “Popcorn Colonel” would a great example of service and volunteerism for you to display to your young Scout!  Please consider volunteering - join the Pack committee to be our fundraising chair.

Email Packmaster Greg Holthaus for more information: gdholthaus@gmail.com